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We work hard to optimize our services to your needs. That is why our comprehensive services ensure
a seamless wellness experience for every customer.

Full Service Pharmacy

As a community healthcare partner, we don’t just fill prescriptions with fast, friendly service. We provide a full suite of healthcare management products and services. Find everything you need here, delivered by staff who care.

From offering you durable medical supplies to making affordable vaccinations available to our community, supplying tools for monitoring your health to supporting efficient wound care, we make it easier to manage your health. Our compassionate care and tailored services come from our desire to support the health and wellness of every member of our community.

Preventive Care

Our preventive care products and services help you monitor and maintain your health before major problems arise. Whether you need glucose monitors to track your blood sugar, equipment to monitor your blood pressure or oxygen levels, or other tools, we source durable, quality supplies
to meet your needs.

We also offer preventive services, such as immunizations, that help you stay ahead of illness. Have questions about the best preventive tools to use for your health? Our knowledgeable staff are happy to talk you through the options we offer so you can find the solutions that best support your health.

Medication Therapy Management

Optimize your medications and your health with medication therapy management services from our skilled pharmacists. We will sit down with you to review your current medications, including any over-the-counter products you take. We will help you address any issues with properly taking your medication and make sure all your questions about your medication regimen are answered.

With appropriate education and support, we can make sure that your medication is achieving the best possible results for your wellbeing. Trust us to care not just about filling your prescriptions but helping you to understand, use, and benefit from those medications as well.

Clinical Services

Our clinical services provide face-to-face options designed to support your health. Receive immunizations, medication management assistance, and more from pharmacists who are committed to your health and wellbeing.

These services are a community service – A way in which we make healthcare more accessible to the members of our community. Provided at affordable rates and at appointment times that work with most schedules, they make preventive care and health management accessible to you.

Institutional Services

We proudly serve institutions such as government organizations, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities with the products and services they require to support the health and wellness of those under their care.

As a HUB-certified community healthcare partner, we leverage modern tools, experienced professionals, and a commitment to our clients to deliver flourishing relationships that meet our institutional partners’ pharmacy needs. From modern, accessible systems to facility-pharmacy integration, we are fully equipped for every institutional request.

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Online Lab Tests

We provide affordable, easy access to any of the lab tests you need to monitor your health. Through a partnership with Ulta Labs, we make it possible to get hundreds of lab tests and be proactive about monitoring and managing your health.

Cancer screenings to women’s health, hormone, diabetes, and general health testing – It is all available through our online lab test portal. Simply schedule your exam, take advantage of the regular discounts available on these tests, and use the results to help you take better care of your health.

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Daycare Centers
Edinburg Agribusiness Area
McAllen to Weslaco

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