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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Local Pharmacy

Pharmacy: Portrait of Professional Confident Black Pharmacist Uses Digital Tablet Computer, Checks Inventory of Medicine, Looks at Camera and Smiles Charmingly. Drugstore with Health Care Products

As more and more chain drugstores and online pharmacies keep popping up, it presents a swarm of options for customers. While online pharmacies and chain drugstores do attract people, local pharmacies are strategically located next to the physician and are stocked with the best medicines relevant to the area. They also provide personalized services, cheaper products, and swift delivery options. Let’s look at the top benefits of using a local pharmacy.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Local Pharmacy

Best for receiving quick advice

Female pharmacist holding medicine bottle giving advice to customer in chemist shop or pharmacy


The local pharmacist recognizes you well. A trip to your local pharmacy once or twice is enough for a local pharmacist to treat you as a loyal customer. For this reason, a local pharmacist acts like a general physician and can grant quick advice on everyday health issues.

From headaches, cough, indigestion, and fluctuations in blood pressure to basic worries, a local pharmacist can provide OTC medicines with extra concern and support. Though the advice is not equivalent to a certified doctor, a pharmacist helps ease your worries at the most crucial moment. Furthermore, local pharmacies know the competition they face from big chain pharmacies. Therefore, they focus on building better relationships with local customers, providing same-day doorstep delivery and other extra services to satisfy their local customers.

Less rush, personalized approach

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Trust your local pharmacy to get one-on-one attention. You don’t have to wait to get your medications at local pharmacies. Even if you are in a rush, you can just get your medication and consider paying your dues later. The local pharmacist can also spare some time in providing the basic knowledge related to the medication. This could be about the right dosage, how and when to take the medication, and clearing other doubts.

Customer Reports 2018 quotes, “By contrast, only 14 percent of people said pharmacists at chain drugstores knew them by name.”

This explains how customers get more personalized attention at local pharmacies. The doorstep delivery is comparatively smoother as well.

Stocked well

Medicines Displayed At Pharmacy

Contrary to popular belief, local pharmacies are well-stocked with all medications. Local pharmacists are more versed in local needs as compared to chain pharmacies. This ensures they keep medications that are in demand well stocked. Moreover, local pharmacies stock their products independently and have a more streamlined process. They can also provide medications currently not in stock within the same day or other. According to a Consumer Reports survey, “21 percent reported that a drug they needed was out of stock in the past year” at chain pharmacies. This data explains it all.

With a personalized approach, the local pharmacist informs you when the specific medicines are back in stock.

Provide instant discounts

Middle-aged mature male pharmacist druggist advising female customer client buyer remedy, medicines, pills, antibiotics holding prescription in pharmacy

While chain pharmacists do not have the right to provide instant discounts, local pharmacists provide this benefit. Ask your local pharmacist to give at least a 10% discount on medicines; more often than not, they won’t deny it. You cannot do the same with chain pharmacists as they do not have the authority to provide such discounts at their discretion.

This makes medicines and products bought from chain pharmacists more expensive than local ones. In the same context, a survey from Customer Reports 2018 says, “Independent pharmacies earned high scores on such measures as courtesy, helpfulness, and speed of checkout and filling prescriptions, as well as pharmacists’ knowledge and accuracy. At the bottom, large national chain pharmacies”.

Get refills instantly

medicine, healthcare and people concept - senior apothecary reading prescription from female customer at pharmacy

Do you prefer mail orders, or do you go to the store physically to buy the medicines? While a few people prefer online pharmacies, most choose to approach local pharmacies for instant refills, especially urgent ones. You end up waiting for a few days for mail orders to arrive and feeling skeptical about their authenticity.

Moreover, few users prefer paying a delivery charge for small refills below a minimum amount. “Only 3 percent of customers at independent pharmacies reported that they waited a long time at the pharmacy counter to be helped; 18 percent said the same of pharmacy chains.”, reports the Consumer Report survey.


Customers have become more conscious about shifting to local sellers for their needs instead of going to big chains. The same goes for local pharmacies as well. While relying on local businesses circulates the money within the community, it also provides more value to the customer.

Why Getting The Covid 19 Vaccine Is Still Important

Nurse giving the Covid-19 vaccine to a cute teenager girl due to pandemic.

The COVID-19 virus, which started a worldwide pandemic in the wake of 2020, is still raving quite wild in some parts of the world. While things have begun to come back to normal for the larger part of the world, things will never be the same as they were pre-COVID. People are still scared and scarred from the many wounds COVID-19 has left regarding health, social structures, the economy, and more. It would take quite a long time to rebuild, innovate and keep moving. But as we all know, the human race is quite resilient, and we always find some way to survive a plague.

And much of our efforts to rebuild the world were thanks to the amazing work done by scientists from all over the world, creating lifesaving vaccines that enabled people to come out once again from isolation. But are we safe enough to disregard these vaccines now? It has been a couple of years, and while the danger might seem far off, it still does linger.

Recently, China has been hit by another wave of COVID-19. This information shines new light on the continued need for COVID-19 vaccines despite the general public viewing the threat as almost over. Here are some reasons why the world still needs COVID-19 vaccines.

Reasons getting the COVID 19 vaccine is important

Close-up of young man getting PCR test at doctor's office during coronavirus epidemic.

They are our best defense

While the COVID-19 vaccines’ first release was met with an equal amount of controversy and relief, there were indeed concerns about the efficacy, lack of testing period, and the possible side effects that these vaccines could cost. But so far, COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be our best bet against the worldwide pandemic and have been largely helpful in bringing back stability and giving immunity to the masses.

Continuously evolving virus strains

But one should remember that most of these vaccines are supposed to be supported by boosters at regular intervals, and these boosters are highly recommended to keep the virus from further evolving and spreading worldwide.

The COVID-19 virus is continuously changing, evolving into variants like Delta, Omicron, and more, each susceptible to a particular type of vaccine. For a continuously changing virus like this, we, too, should become more adaptable with our vaccine regimen and ensure booster shots reach all people to achieve herd immunity.

Advancements in the vaccine technology

The doctor is testing a sample of biological tubes contaminated by Corona-virus Covid 19 and searching for a vaccine or Syrup against the virus. In the laboratory and film samples of infected lung

People seem to overlook that COVID-19 is still a looming threat, and our vaccines are the best weapon we still have over them. Over the past two years, our scientists have worked hard day and night improving on the initial vaccines and providing better results. It is to be noted that the immunity from vaccines wanes over time, and you need the latest booster shots to keep you safe from any new virus variants.

Waning immunity

Ill african young woman covered with blanket blowing running nose got fever caught cold sneezing in tissue sit on sofa, sick allergic black girl having allergy symptoms coughing at home, flu concept

Data from Qatar says that only 35.5% of pre-omicron infections can protect with BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants. This value descends to 27.7% if you also include asymptotic infections. So the previous notion that once you get vaccinated, you are all clear is quite not true. You need boosters, and you need to keep strengthening your immune system against the upcoming new variants of COVID-19.

There is also this notion that once you get the infection and survive, you get immunity for a lifetime. That is not true, as infection from immunity does fade, and you still need to be vaccinated at the appropriate dosage, if not the full course.

Reach of the vaccine

A large part of the world is still uncovered regarding COVID-19 vaccines. An OUR World in Data report suggests that about 68.7% of the world population has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. And only 25.1% of people in low-income countries have been able to receive at least one dose. There is a substantial gap between subsequent dosage recipients, and there is not enough awareness in many low-income societies about the need for booster shots and their availability. This leaves them vulnerable to further infections and more spread of the virus and its variants in the future.

Get jabbed now

Male doctor or nurse vaccine to a patient's shoulder - Vaccination and prevention against coronavirus pandemic

As the COVID-19 virus keeps on mutating itself, it continues to pose a serious risk. Thus, it is important to get vaccinated and strengthen your immune system against the new variants of the virus. This will help achieve herd immunity, thus keeping the spread of the virus under control.

Why Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg, TX, Is the Best Place to Fill Your Prescriptions

Cute young girl asking harmacist about medicine at the drugstore while shopping with her mother consultation kids children positivity happiness parenting professional trustworthy experienced doctor

Two-thirds of people in the United States take prescription drugs. They all need to fill those prescriptions somewhere, and often, community pharmacies instead of big chain pharmacies are customers’ preferred place to do it.

With 19,397 community pharmacies, these local, independent businesses make it easy for customers to get the prescriptions they need. In Edinburg, TX, Cantu’s Pharmacy is the local option that offers benefits you simply cannot get in a big chain pharmacy. Here are some of the reasons Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg is the place to go.

Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg is community-first.

medicine, vaccination and healthcare concept—doctor with syringe doing injection of vaccine to male patient

Before profit. Before productivity. We put our customers and our community’s needs first. Owned by third-generation pharmacists, Cantu’s understands the importance of family, and we consider each member of our community to be a member of our family.

What does that mean for your experience with us? It means that here you find a hometown healthcare partner who works with you to ensure that here you can find everything you need to support your wellbeing. With services tailored to your needs, and pharmacists who care about YOU, getting your prescriptions filled here is a way to connect with professionals whose first concern is your health.

Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg fosters relationships with customers.

Pharmacy: Professional Pharmacist Helping Beautiful Senior Female Customer with Medicine Recommendation, Advice, Talking. Drugstore with Full of Drugs, Pills, Health Care, Beauty Product Packages

Because we operate on a community-first basis, and because we consider each customer to be a member of our family, we intentionally foster flourishing relationships with each of our customers. Filling prescriptions isn’t just dispensing medication. It is helping people manage their health, live their lives, and pursue the things they most love to do.

We want you to feel confident that your medication needs are being met by people who care about your health, your life, and the impact of your prescriptions on your wellbeing. Dependability, expertise, and efficiency define our services, forging confidence and trust that is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Our welcoming pharmacists ensure that you feel at home every time you step inside, and our desire to understand you and your needs ensures an optimized healthcare experience.

Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg helps you save time and money.

a female pharmacist

Time and money are critical considerations for most of our customers. That is why we have created an approach that makes it less expensive, and less time-consuming, to fill your prescriptions and make your pharmacy purchases.

Choose, for example, FREE delivery within the Edinburg area and don’t waste time trying to make a stop at the pharmacy. Or, stop in our store to pick up your prescription, where efficient pharmacists keep your waiting time to a minimum.

Need over-the-counter medication, bandages, thermometers, or other healthcare items? Try shopping online, where sales are frequent, and everyone gets 10% off their first order when they use a special code. Making it simple to get the items you need is one of the ways we fulfill not only prescriptions but also the needs of our community.

Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg is always available to answer your questions.

Prescription medications can be confusing. Sometimes, you may wonder about side effects, interactions with your other medications, how to appropriately take or prescription, or dispose of unused medicines. In order to support your wellbeing, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call us to get the expert answers you deserve about your prescriptions. Or, give us a call to inquire about any of the items or services we offer. Do you want a longer conversation about your prescriptions? We can schedule an in-depth medication review to ensure that your regimen is working for you.

Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg is more than a place to get medication.

We fill your prescriptions with efficiency and expertise, but we also provide an array of other services and products to make managing your healthcare easier. Take advantage of all of these offerings in order to turn picking up your prescriptions into a way to take care of ALL of your healthcare management needs.

  • OTC medications
  • Preventative care
  • Vaccinations
  • Online lab tests
  • Online shopping
  • And more

Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg is the best place to fill your prescriptions because we do more than make sure you receive the right medications. With a community-first approach, dedication to relationships, focus on helping you save time and money, a willingness to answer all your questions, and a full suite of services, we can support your total wellbeing. Discover Cantu’s Pharmacy today!



Introducing Cantu’s Pharmacy in Edinburg, TX – Your Local Pharmacy!

a couple of people standing in a pharmacy

If you have ever needed a prescription medication, gone looking for an over-the-counter solution for a healthcare problem, or had questions about your healthcare, then you have probably used a pharmacy.

And, if you have ever encountered impersonal service, overpriced items, long lines, or long drives at a chain pharmacy, then you know the importance of having a caring local pharmacy close to home.

That is why we are proud to introduce you to the local pharmacy for the Edinburg, TX, area – Cantu’s Pharmacy! As partners in your care, we exist to create the seamless and convenient healthcare experience you deserve.


two women in a pharmacy shop looking at a card

Owned by third-generation pharmacists who remain active in the community, Cantu’s Pharmacy was built by family and considers each of our clients as members of that family.

As more than a place to get medication, we serve as a place to develop the relationships that make managing your healthcare easier. How do these flourishing relationships drive us?

  • We tailor healthcare solutions to your needs.
  • Dependability, expertise, and efficiency define our services.
  • Our pharmacists are warm, welcoming, and friendly.
  • We are available to offer advice and education when you need it.
  • We put your needs and concerns first when deciding what products and services to offer.

Dependable Services. Quality Products.

a woman in a white lab coat is looking at a shelf of pills

We know you rely on us, and we take that obligation seriously. That is why, as a local pharmacy in Edinburg, TX, we provide reliable, dependable services and quality products.

For more than 30 years, we have been optimizing the pharmaceutical experience within the broader Edinburg area. That is three decades of showing up every day with the products and services our community requires for a seamless wellness experience. You can trust us to be here for you.

You can also trust us to offer you only quality products. We choose items that are known for their durability and effectiveness, and offer them at low, often discounted, prices, so every member of our community can afford quality healthcare.

With friendly pharmacists, sound advice, and great products always available to you, we turn managing your healthcare into an optimized and rewarding, relationship-based experience.

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

a pharmacy store filled with lots of bottles

Sometimes, people hear the word “local” and assume it means “limited.” The reality, however, is that we offer the best of both worlds – The comprehensive healthcare solutions you expect, and the community-focused attitude that makes your pharmacy experience rewarding. Here are just some of the products and services you can find at Cantu’s:

  • Vaccinations (Including COVID-19 vaccines)
  • Medical Supplies
  • Wound Care Products
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Braces
  • Supports
  • Incontinence Supplies
  • Pharmacy Services, including medication refills
  • Pain Relief
  • Household Products
  • Personal Care Items
  • Baby Care Items
  • Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutrients
  • Eye Care
  • Allergy Relief
  • OTC Medications

Looking for services to support your healthcare needs? Trust us with the fast, efficient, and friendly implementation of these services:

  • Full-Service Pharmacy
  • Preventive Care
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Clinical Services
  • Institutional Services
  • Online Lab Tests

And, because we exist to serve our community, we are always looking for ways to add to the services and products we have to offer. That is why we listen to our customers and adapt our offerings to meet their needs. Over the years, our offerings have expanded to ensure that the entire Edinburg community can find what they need to manage their healthcare with confidence.

Sound Advice and Informed Education

a man and a woman in a pharmacy

Managing your healthcare starts with being informed about your healthcare. That is why your local Edinburg pharmacy does more than dispense medication. We dispense advice and education as well.

By keeping you up to date about vaccines, prescription medications, the best OTC options for your situation, and more, we serve as a one-stop shop for the information you need to make the right healthcare choices for your family. Trust us to provide you with information about all of the following:

  • Information about your prescription medications
  • Instructions on taking your medications
  • Medication side effects and interactions
  • Answers to your medication questions
  • Annual medication reviews
  • OTC medication options
  • Vaccines
  • And more!

Cantu’s Pharmacy was founded in 1970 to provide dependable local pharmaceutical services and products to the Edinburg area. Ever since, quality, dependability, experience, and efficiency have defined our services, with staff who work to establish a flourishing relationship with customers. Contact us today to learn more about how your local pharmacy can support your healthcare needs!